Directions to Five Laughing Turtles

6-3-113 Ironwood Road, St. John, USVI 00830

St. Thomas Airport to Red Hook Passenger Ferry Terminal

After arriving at the St. Thomas airport, collect your luggage, and then catch a shared taxi to the Red Hook passenger ferry terminal.  When you walk out the front doors of the airport, you will be approached by a taxi dispatcher who will ask if you need a taxi.  If you have not made other arrangements, tell the dispatcher you need a ride to Red Hook. This can be a 45-60 minute ride depending on traffic, the number of stops, and the route taken by the driver. This will be a cash transaction paid to the driver. The fee is standard and is usually around $15 plus tips. You will be dropped off in front of the Red Hook passenger ferry terminal.

Red Hook Passenger Ferry Terminal to Cruz Bay 

Purchase a ticket to Cruz Bay at the ferry ticket desk located inside to the left. You will need to purchase a ferry ticket per person for the ride and a luggage ticket for each piece of large luggage, including some carry-on items. There is no charge for your daypack.

This is fun: View live footage of Cruz Bay Ferry Dock from Spice Shop webcam of Ferry Dock


Once you know which ferry you will catch, text or call our on island house manager, Sarah, that you are on the way. Depending on your arrival time, she may greet you at the villa or leave you a note and visit you in the morning. If you are renting a vehicle from Lionel Jeep Rental, let Catherine know which ferry you are on. You can usually text from on the ferry or while in the taxi to the Red Hook passenger ferry terminal.

After a 20 minute ride, the ferry will dock in Cruz Bay.  Collect your luggage, tip the porters, and walk out of the ferry gates where you will meet the folks from Lionel Jeep Rental. If you are not renting a jeep there will be taxis waiting at the docks. However, be aware that it can cost you around $60 to take a taxi to our villa in Upper Carolina.

You may want to pick up supplies at Star Fish Market, Dolphin Market, St. John Market, or Sam & Jacks Deli in Cruz Bay. You can also get some basic supplies at Dolphin Market, Love City Market, or Calabash Market in Coral Bay.

Sarah will do some light shopping in anticipation of your arrival, if you coordinate your needs with her.  Let us know and we will put you in contact with her.

Cruz Bay to Five Laughing Turtles

Head out of Cruz Bay east on Centerline Road or on the North Shore Road.  Centerline is more direct, but North Shore is more scenic and winding, better paved and well maintained by the National Park Service. The North Shore road intersects with Centerline Road at the Columbo Smoothie Truck where you will take a left turn onto Centerline Road. You may want to turn off your phone roaming to prevent the BVI towers from highjacking your phone service.

Continue on Centerline Road until you see a row of mailboxes on the left, the sign at the entrance to Upper Carolina and a large Flamboyant Tree. The Flamboyant may or may not be in bloom. It is lovely when it is! Follow the entrance road to the top of the hill and make the sharp turn to the left onto Ironwood Road. Continue straight until you see the Guest Cottage and a Pres-T-Con cement bench from Trinidad on the left.  Congratulations on completing your journey, and welcome to Five Laughing Turtles Guest Cottage!

Make yourself at home at Five Laughing Turtles!